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About OuterReach Music

Outer Reach Music company was founded in 2010 by Peter Finley, Bob Rosa and Ozzy Carmona. The company offers a variety of music-related services, but specializes in taking conceptual music ideas or demos and turning them into completed projects, whether it is for film, television shows, nightclubs, radio and TV commercials or whether you are simply a band or artist wishing to realize your full potential.

Our Studio

The network of very talented musicians and creative artists that contribute to Outer Reach means that whatever your style or genre requirements, we will be able to find the absolute best musicians for your project, from DJ's to Classically trained philharmonic players. Past projects have ranged from specifically tailored nightclub tracks, original television and film compositions, writing for stage shows, dance remixes and most recently full-length albums in a variety of genres. Outer Reach specializes in the following: Pop, Rock, Indie-Alternative, Dance (House, Trance), Singer-songwriter, with combinations of any of the aforementioned in English and Spanish.

Our Studio

Outer Reach offers the very best in Recording Studio equipment with the latest software and some of the most trusted outboard gear available, coupled with an environment that is bound to make you feel relaxed, at ease and most importantly, creative. Outer Reach is also an expert at "Long Distance Relationships". It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you cannot travel to Miami to be part of a session, we can work with you remotely and provide live video feeds of your projects being developed.

If you are a Music Supervisor and you have a very specific song idea that you would like developed, Outer Reach is a one-stop shop for you. You tell us the idea and we will write, arrange, mix and master the song for you.

Our Studio

If you are an artist struggling to find new material or are unsure about your musical path, Outer Reach can help you discover your style, help in the songwriting process or even offer you completely new original songs for you to record.